Inspiring People

Here we pay tribute to inspiring people whose thought and actions have contributed to the development of Fair Trade knowledge and practices. Get in touch to suggest any other Fair Trade heroes you'd like to see here.

Elaine Jones

Elaine was a passionate, intelligent and human development, women's rights and fair trade researcher and activist. See here for a full page of tributes and publications:

Padre Frans van der Hoff

Father Frans van der Hoff dies, founder of UCIRI, precursor of fair trade and organic agriculture, passed away 14 February 2024.

Yorokamu K. Abainenamar

Abaine was a highly respected leader in the development of farmer cooperatives in Uganda, who supported them, advocated for fair farmer-friendly programmes and policies, and a founding members of Fairtrade Africa

Robin Marray

Prolific industrial and environmental economist who was a key player in the birth of the Fair Trade movement.

Raúl Del Águila

Manager of Agrarian Cooperative of La Convención and Lares (COCLA), a Peruvian small producers' organization.

Father Leonard van Baelen

Economist, theologian and founder of Fair Trade NGO CDI-Bwamanda, Congo.

Michael Barratt Brown

An economist, political activist and adult educator who helped found the Fair Trade movement in Britain and lead the creation of the New Left.

Bert Beekman

Director of Fair Trade label Max Havelaar and a pioneer in fair trade products such as bananas, coffee, nuts and cocoa.

Mark Hayes

Founder of the Fair Trade financial cooperative Shared Interest, which provides trade credit and finance to producer cooperatives overseas.

Raymond Kimaro

Chairman of the African Fair Trade Network and General Manager of the KNCU, one of Tanzania’s largest Fairtrade coffee cooperatives.