Mr Yorokamu K. Abainenamar (Abaine)

Sadly, Mr Yorokamu K. Abainenamar (Abaine) passed away in May 2021. A long-time active supporter of cooperatives and Fairtrade Certification and inspiring pioneer of the movement he will be very much missed. Abaine worked with Rwenzori Sustainable Trade Centre, Uganda (RSTC) from 2012 as a value chain and marketing advisor for cotton and coffee. He served on various boards in Uganda, and outside Uganda. Abaine brought a wealth of experience, of over 30years, in coffee, cotton and cocoa production, value chain management and marketing with his academic knowledge and applications from his degree in Statistics & Applied Economics MUK, and M.Soc. Sc. (Economics), University of Birmingham, UK. Abaine was a member and supporter of the Fair Trade Society and Journal of Fair Trade as well as being a Board member of the RSTC. Above all Abaine is a fondly remembered and sadly missed colleague and friend.

Gaps in expectations of a cotton producer: the case of Rwenzori cotton farmers in Uganda, Author(s): Yorokamu K. Abainenamar, Publication date (Print): 1 June 2021

The author, Yorokamu K. Abainenamar, sadly passed away during the editing of this article. A full tribute is av
ailable on the Journal of Fair Trade website at He was an economist, formerly a management trainer/lecturer and coffee and cotton exporter for co-operatives for over 25 years. He represented Africa on the Board of Fairtrade/FLO, Bonn, and was founder chairman of Fairtrade Africa. He worked with the TJX Rwenzori Sustainable Trade Strategy/Project as Strategic and Commercial Advisor/Consultant (2012–2019). He supported the formation and value chain development of over 30 producer co-operative organisations in Eastern Africa. Abainenamar achieved a Master of Economics degree from the University of Birmingham, UK, and a Bachelor of Statistics and Applied Economics degree from Makerere University, Kampala. He held certificates in international coffee trade and cotton trade from Coffee Federation, London and Liverpool Cotton Association, UK. He gained several other certificates in international trade and export promotion from ITC/UNCTAD/GATT. He will be dearly missed.

We continue to pray that Good gives him eternal rest and that RSTC can get the rightful replacement for The late Galant and Patriotic leader in the coffee and cotton sector Mr Abaine. Take Heart my dear colleagues for this is always our destiny that is always hard to accept. Thank you for the services you have continued to give to the Rwenzori region. Stay Blessed, meet some time when God still lets us live. Magambo Serapio

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