So, we are on a mission now to explore all options as the Journal of Fair Trade Society!

Even before Open Access, The Journal of Fair Trade aimed to become a membership organisation. And the 100 or so early supporters who paid for access and as moral support need to be warmly thanked for their decision to become founding members!

Currently the Journal of Fair Trade Society is a small, informal body with a handful of members, individuals and organisations, signed up.
It’s easy to join and there is no screening process.
The Society doesn't yet have, but really needs good and effective ways to decide things, get advice and help – put simply more ‘boots on the ground’! We have had a preliminary Advisory Board of volunteers, and it is time to replace this with a group of volunteers to become the Journal of Fair Trade Society’s Founding Board.

The vision for the Society’s Founding Board and members is:

• To develop the Journal of Fair Trade Society as a membership organisation: bringing together people who think ideas matter, that thought and action in fair trade is important, and who care enough to help and want to redress wrongs in the world.
• To raise a core budget through membership dues and contributions/donations to stay viable
• To develop and draw up appropriate rights, rules and structures to exist formally and offer benefits to members
• To guide and secure the future of the Journal’s, promote the ideas it publishes and extend its influence.

We offer all of you a chance to volunteer to help us in a range of ways, with different time commitments and more detail on the tasks involved.

The Journal of Fair Trade is supported by the Journal of Fair Trade Society, its membership organisation, which provides a forum and funnel for new work, ideas and lively debate.