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The Journal of Fair Trade (JoFT) is a biannual, peer-reviewed, Open Access Journal title published by Pluto Journals. The Journal of Fair Trade is striving to publish a wide range of voices on building economic systems, practices, ideas and approaches to trade that are fair for people and planet. Everything we publish is free to read and download. The JoFT wants to become a credible and important part of the vital debate, dialogue and change we need to see in the world.

The Fair Trade Society
is a global membership organisation being formed to own and run the Journal of Fair Trade with support from the Pluto Educational Trust. The Fair Trade Society is made up of members, social and fair trade enterprises and organisations with a shared passion for Fair Trade.

If you are not yet a member please join to support and shape the future of the Journal of Fair Trade and help build back fairer!

Who can become a member?

We have three types of membership
• Individuals
• Fair Trade Organisations, Social Enterprises, Not-for-profits
• Ethical Businesses

Individual member
£15 annual
£1.50 monthly

Organisation/ Social Enterprise member
£45 annual
£4.00 monthly

Individual membership £15
Organisation/ Social Enterprise membership £45
Ethical Business Membership £100

What does being a member mean?

A member is expected to pay their dues each year in US$, £ or €. Payment can be annual or in smaller amounts each month. There are different rates for different types of membership.

When you join the Fair Trade Society, you become a shareholder in the Society that owns and runs the Journal of Fair Trade.

All members are considered equal members of The Fair Trade Society, no matter what they have paid.

Members’ rights are:
• Full access to the Journal, topic recommendation, contributor recommendation,
• The right to join the Advisory Board (by invitation and/or election)
• The right to post information on the JOFT website within specified categories e.g. News, Inspiration, Resources, Jobs, Events
• To present and represent Fair Trade Society members in forums and events
• To make proposals for activities and projects
• Attend the AGM and receive annual reports and financials of the JOFT and Fair Trade Society

The constitution of the Fair Trade Society is being developed and the DRAFT CONSTITUTION will be added to this site shortly.

If you would like to be part of the Working Group [consultation and discussion process] please get in touch

The founding Fair Trade Society Annual General Meeting will be held online in early 2022.

The Advisory Board: our current Advisory Board has provided terrific support for the efforts to set up this new Journal and to get things going during the first three years.

They will step down and hand over to a new Advisory Board made up of Society members in early 2022.


Becoming a member is the best support you can give. Alternatively, if you would like to support without becoming a member we would welcome your generous supporting donation particularly to help us get the Fair Trade Society up-and-running and support the Journal of Fair Trade being an Open Access publication! Click here to read more and donate

The Fair Trade Society is the non-profit, global membership organisation that owns the Journal of Fair Trade. The Journal and Society have been supported financially and administratively since 2018 by The Pluto Educational Trust and the pioneer members who have joined and made donations. The Editor in Chief and the Editorial Board is not paid. The Advisory Board is voluntary.

The goal for our fundraising and use donations to is to be able to fund and support these activities :

- development of the Fair Trade Society as a member-run organisation through engaging and building dialogue and debate, visibility and direction from an Advisory Board of Society members.
- through the Advisory Board Chair and members to create connections, opportunities and dialogue across the Society and Journal.
- building and managing Journal and Society communications, social media, public relations and outreach within the Society and wider.
- through volunteer coordination and support to build awareness and dialogue in specific locations and targeting a range of global actors while also focusing locally.

All Journal of Fair Trade membership payments are made via the Pluto Journals website and come under the Pluto Journals Privacy Policy