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The Journal of Fair Trade

The Journal of Fair Trade Vol 3 Iss 2, Open Access and the Inaugural Meeting of the Journal of Fair Trade Society


Four years since launching, we’ve transitioned to Open Access, here within ScienceOpen Collection, and are developing a new structure -a Fair Trade Society - to guide and support the Journal of Fair Trade in coming years. As members and supporters with a shared passion for Fair Trade you are invited to register here for the Inaugural Meeting of the Journal of Fair Trade Society on the 3rd Novembers, 3- 5pm when we will commence working together, with new leading positions on the Advisory Board and working groups, to build a new and inspired voice for Fair Trade and become an international thinking and learning community.

The Journal of Fair Trade Volume 3 Issue 2

The latest Journal of Fair Trade 3.2 issue is #OpenAccess and comprises four essays spanning varied topics of Fair Trade and the role of social enterprise & B Corps, Fashion’s ethical standards, product beliefs & buying in the US by Gen Z and an exploration of Systems thinking, Procedural V Reconstructive Fair Trade.

Within JoFT 3.2 the opening article “Systems, solidarity and fair trade" by co-authors Tony Brauer, Maria Angela Zamora Chaves and Mike King states that Fair Trade speaks for itself, but a theoretical voice is needed. Systems thinking shows limitations of free trade & how fair trade offers holistic socio-economic support for social justice &sustainability.

Within her article author Bama Athreya addresses the question "Can Fashion Ever be Fair?" and notes how Amazon is already the single largest, single vendor of apparel in the USA. She reflects how "Equity inherently and by definition redistributes wealth and rebalances power".

Within the Journal of Fair Trade 3.2 author Amanda Kiessel’s article “Recentering Fair Trade in the movement for a just, inclusive, and regenerative economy” examines how today young entrepreneurs & activists are more likely to enter & build on success of the "first-wave Fair Trade movement” via campaigns such as BuyLocal, ZeroWaste and community and social enterprises such as platform co-ops and B Corps. #LetsDoItFair

Within this article "An Investigation of Fair Trade Product Knowledge, Beliefs, Experiences and Buying Intentions of Generation Z in the US" co-authors Zoia Pavlovskaia and Ali Kara present how, using the conceptual "Theory of Reasoned Action" framework, their survey study, on urban US youth consumers, investigates variables that can influence Fair Trade consumption and the effects of consumers’ knowledge, beliefs and past experiences on their purchase intentions of Fair Trade products. The authors consider the varied implications of these findings to FT businesses and organisations.

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