Fairtrade International on What can we learn from the pandemic about farmers’ and workers’ resilience?

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Fairtrade International report within their news on "What can we learn from the pandemic about farmers’ and workers’ resilience?" and say "We spoke with the researchers who surveyed more than 300 producers to find out. We commissioned a study to explore how COVID-19 affected farmers and workers, and more importantly, to understand why some producers fared better than others during the pandemic and its side effects. The study, titled Fairtrade certification and producer resilience in times of crises, was published today and provides insights into the resilience of Fairtrade coffee, banana and flower producers compared to their non-Fairtrade counterparts, and the factors that contributed most to mitigating the impact of the pandemic.
The study included two main analyses: a representative global survey of 523 Fairtrade producer organizations to learn about the impact of COVID-19, and case studies to compare Fairtrade and non-Fairtrade producer households in Kenya (flower workers), Indonesia (coffee farmers) and Peru (banana farmers). For the case study analysis, researchers conducted a comparative survey of 304 households that belong to one of either seven Fairtrade or six non-Fairtrade producer organizations, along with focus group discussions with close to 100 farmers and workers, and interviews with producer organization managers."

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