30 Years of African Books Collective

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This year, African Books Collective celebrates 30 years of trading. You can learn here about the movement in which ABC was born, and here about how ABC now operates as a self-supporting, not-for-profit, social enterprise.

Check out some of ABC's June titles, including a range of new and reissued works:

  • Malibongwe: Poems From the Struggle

    A collection of poems by women in ANC camps and offices throughout Africa and the world. First published in the early 1980s, the book was banned by the apartheid regime. This reissue, authorised by the editor, re-establishes a place for women artists in the history of South Africa’s liberation.

  • Development as Rebellion

    The first comprehensive biography (in three volumes) of Julius Nyerere, a national liberation leader, the first president of Tanzania and an outstanding statesman of Africa and the global south.

  • EAEP, Kenya have released many of their classics including books by John Kiriamiti, a Kenyan former bank robber who was best known for his 'My Life' series, a sensation with Kenyan youth in the late 1980s and '90s, and Ben R. Mtobwa, one of Tanzania’s most prolific and prominent novelists, best know for his series of adventure novel featuring the investigator Joram Kiango.
  • The Mapungubwe Institute for Strategic Reflection has again made available some of their backlist titles in print and ebook.

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