Meet our members who have donated

Here are some of our current members and supporters who have donated.
Previous donations have supported the award of sponsored membership of the Fair Trade Society to membership to producer organisations or individual with and their access to the Journal of Fair Trade.

Donation to support initial Open Access status steps and ongoing transition are greatly welcome

Roger van Zwanenberg,

Founder of the Pluto Educational Trust (PET)

Pauline Tiffen

Editor-in-Chief for the Journal of Fair Trade

Jacquie MacDonald

Just Trade President and WFTO Honorary member.


PET is a registered charity and its aim is the advancement of education. Pluto Journals, a Not for Profit business, is owned by PET and together they work to promote, sustain and increase individual and collective knowledge and understanding.

Just Trade President and WFTO Honorary member. Jacquie has generously donated to give sponsored memberships.


Meet some producer's who have benefitted from Sponsored membership

Your generous donations will help sponsor membership of the Fair Trade Society for producers/ organisations and individuals who without your help might not otherwise be able to afford access to the Journal of Fair Trade and to our network.

Yorokamu Abainenamar, Uganda

Is looking forward to "Getting connected to other members and exchanging views and news in FT fraternity"

Ripples Foundation USA

I hope The fair Trade Society will help me get Fair Trade registration for the poor women we support to 'Work to Earn' in Africa, who can't afford the extortionate cost of registering their products for Fair Trade, but need the Fair Trade registration

Nominate your Sponsored Member

If you know someone who would benefit from access to the Journal and Society platform please donate and nominate. la-produccion-de-cafe-se-recononce-como-la-principal-actividad-economica-de-muchas-familias-en-la-sierra-de-istmo-tehuantepec.

Sasha Association for craft producers

Sasha works with nearly 100 groups of disadvantaged women and marginalized producers & artisans from rural and semi-urban pockets of North-East India, West Bengal, Orissa, Bihar and some other states

WEAVE Foundation

WEAVE works to support refugee, marginalized and disadvantaged ethnic women from Myanmar who are displaced on the border side of Thailand. Its emphasis on Fair Trade leads to the creation of economic, social and environmental value in its approach to providing alternatives in addressing social ills.