TNI call for papers for publication in State of Power 2019

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TNI call for papers for publication in State of Power 2019

The Transnational Institute (TNI) in the Netherlands is issuing an open call for essays, short papers, infographics and artistic collaborations for its forthcoming State of Power report launched in late January 2019 to coincide with the World Economic Forum in Davos. In 2019, we are particularly looking for accessible, engaging essays and artistic explorations that explore the issue of finance and power.

Full call:
TNI have 7th September as the Abstract submission deadline.

TNI’s annual State of Power reports have, since their launch in 2012, become a must-see reference point for citizens, activists and academics concerned with understanding the nature of power in our globalised world in order to inform struggles for justice.
With a mixture of compelling infographics and insightful essays, State of Power has examined dimensions of power (economic, political, social), exposed the key players who control power, and highlighted movements of counter-power seeking to transform our world. Recent State of Power reports have been widely praised for their inspiring essays and brilliant art.

Finance and power

The financial sector is embedded in the emergence of capitalism and imperialism. Financial firms were critical to colonial adventures, underpinned slavery, and have consistently exacerbated inequality, reinforced political elites, held revolutionary movements hostage, and treated the poor and vulnerable as collateral damage in regular cycles of crisis.

In recent decades, though, financial power has reached new precedented heights. The financial sector has come to dominate the global economy, taken over ever larger sections of public life, commodified everything from air ( carbon trading) to education, rewritten global economic rules and policies, taken over global institutions, put a stranglehold on any government that dares defy it and even transformed our culture and language.

Perhaps the greatest evidence of its power is the way that the sector has emerged unregulated and even stronger despite precipitating the global economic crisis in 2008 ten years ago. And there is little sign of its power being contained, as new waves of financialisation unfold. Moreover, obscured behind a screen of jargon and algorithms, far too few social movements or progressive politicians dare to stand up and challenge it.

Yet, at the same time, financial power is fragile, riven with and, in fact, driven forward by contradictions and crises - and therefore also has the potential to be challenged and overthrown. But this will require unmasking its power and understanding our own power and capacity to take control of money and finance.

How can we better understand and thereby unmask the financial sector? What is the nature of its power? How are we to understand their power-grab? Where might Big Finance’s Achilles heel be? What are the fissures and friction-points within the financial world that can become opportunities for struggle? Are there successful examples of confronting financial power? How can social movements better confront Big Finance? How can we regain popular democratic control over finance and money?

For more information on the Call for papers please contact Nick Buxton
Futures Lab/Communications/Online Learning
The Transnational Institute (TNI)