Sponsor a producer's membership

Some of our current members are donating the cost of annual membership
to Sponsor a Producer's membership to the Fair Trade Society .

Please donate to the Fair Trade Society to give support!

Please support by joining the Society yourself and sponsoring producers to join too using the button below to Sponsor a Producer's membership .

When you Donate to Sponsor a producer, either through Paypal or our account, please let us know your nominated Producer recipient(s) name/ organisation. Or, if you do not have a specific, nominated producer/ person/ organisation that you wish to nominate for your donated membership then the outreach and selection process will be managed by Fair Trade Society working together with the World Fair Trade Organisation (WFTO).

Donations are greatly welcomed as we start on our journey and legally establish the Fair Trade Society and its processes in 2019. If you want to make a direct payment (donation) into our Barclays account without using paypal then just email Ellie, the Fair Trade Society Coordinator, at ellies@joft.org.uk and she will send our bank details.

Donate to give Sponsored Membership

Sponsored Members from the Global South

Please join in with helping to offer this invaluable sponsored memberships for producers. Without your generous donation they would not be able to join the Fair Trade Society and access the Journal of Fair Trade.

Members get access to the members' platform and receive theJournal of Fair Trade as well as support to make contributions to the Journal and share their experiences.

Meet our members who have donated in order to give
sponsored memberships for producers

Here are some of our current members and supporters who have donated the cost of annual membership to provide a producer, organisation, activist or individual with this special, sponsored membership of the Fair Trade Society and access to the Journal of Fair Trade.

Roger van Zwanenberg,

Founder of the Pluto Educational Trust (PET)

Pauline Tiffen

Editor-in-Chief for the Journal of Fair Trade


PET is a registered charity and its aim is the advancement of education. Pluto Journals, a Not for Profit business, is owned by PET and together they work to promote, sustain and increase individual and collective knowledge and understanding.


Meet some producer's who have benefitted from Sponsored membership

Your generous donations will help sponsor membership of the Fair Trade Society for producers/ organisations and individuals who without your help might not otherwise be able to afford access to the Journal of Fair Trade and to our network.

Yorokamu Abainenamar, Uganda

Is looking forward to "Getting connected to other members and exchanging views and news in FT fraternity"

Ripples Foundation USA

I hope The fair Trade Society will help me get Fair Trade registration for the poor women we support to 'Work to Earn' in Africa, who can't afford the extortionate cost of registering their products for Fair Trade, but need the Fair Trade registration

Nominate your Sponsored Member

If you know someone who would benefit from access to the Journal and Society platform please donate and nominate. la-produccion-de-cafe-se-recononce-como-la-principal-actividad-economica-de-muchas-familias-en-la-sierra-de-istmo-tehuantepec.