Join the Fair Trade Society

The aims of the Fair Trade Society are to bring together individuals and organisations worldwide who share an interest in raising the bar, rebooting and reinventing Fair Trade and raising to the fore the values of equity, empowerment and trade justice.
The membership organisation aims to provide a forum for ideas and lively debate and a funnel for new work.

The Journal of Fair Trade is a new independent academic journal being launched by the Fair Trade Society. Members of the Fair Trade Society will have access to online issues of The Journal of Fair Trade via the members’ portal.

Since January 2021 The Journal of Fair Trade has been Open Access to and so free for everyone, anywhere to access. This exciting development allows wider readership and usage of articles within the Journal including within teaching.

The Fair Trade Scoiety acts as a platform for critical ideas, lively and useful debate, a funnel for new work to reboot Fair Trade, mentorship, editorial and translation support to allow new practitioners’ and other voices to be heard.

Providing information on Fair Trade events, courses and job openings, advice and help with staging Fair Trade events and finding speakers as well as acting as a platform for Fair Trade related courses within Universities.